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Rental Scooter Center Elba Island of Elba

  • Clear prices and all inclusive, no extras beyond those already mentioned in the price
  • Valid prices WHOLE SEASON, August included!
  • Delivery and collection of the whole island
  • Means the best new brands and always in perfect working order
  • Booking ON-LINE simply complete and most current offers
  • ONE-WAY free service between all our partners points


Enjoy the island of Elba with the services of our network Car Rentals and many other services to visit the island

It offers you the best deals for your car rental on Elba. Discover the ease of the booking system of rental cars and take advantage of cheaper rates Elba4Fun.it that only you can offer!

Elba4fun by Baco S.n.c. di Baldetti L. & Taglione M.
Street Roma n° 352, 57034 Campo nell'Elba, Isola d'Elba (LI)
Tel +39.0565.977.785 - info@elba4fun.it - P.iva 01781500499