Terms & conditions

Rental Scooter Center Elba Island of Elba

  • Clear prices and all inclusive, no extras beyond those already mentioned in the price
  • Valid prices WHOLE SEASON, August included!
  • Delivery and collection of the whole island
  • Means the best new brands and always in perfect working order
  • Booking ON-LINE simply complete and most current offers
  • ONE-WAY free service between all our partners points

Terms and conditions

Insurance Kasco Theft Fire:

The Kasco insurance covers damage to the car (except the Deductible stated on the contract and that varies depending on the category, see the section "Automobiles and Price") provided they are not caused by willful misconduct or breaking the laws in force and the traffic laws.
The vehicle is only insured for the rental period specified in the contract, including any extensions, therefore, outside this period, it assumes no responsibility for any damage or accident for which will answer directly to the customer.
Damage to equipment and furnishings are not covered by insurance and will therefore be borne exclusively by the conductor.
The insurance covers theft and fire vehicle and accessories originally fitted by the manufacturer and excludes personal effects and property of the Customer object.


The route mileage on the Island of Elba is unlimited. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, it is forbidden to circulate with the rental car outside of Elba.

24 HOURS assistance

The assistance is guaranteed over the entire island, and covers all situations of need caused by mechanical failure of the vehicle. Are excluded from assistance replacing the tires, these must be replaced by the customer.
For requests for assistance are not justified by the actual need for the customer you will have to pay the surgery cost 50.00 per hour (it will be the time of departure and return from the seat of the car at the airport) minimum intervention period 1 hour.

Delivery and Pick-FREE

The delivery and collection are included in the price. For customers who are in accommodation or arrive by ship is scheduled the free transfer service (for signing the contract and the withdrawal of customers car must go in any case at the venue).
One of our staff will pick you at the appointed time (by you communicated in the reservation form) and will accompany you at our office. For delivery, this can take place all over the island.
The procedure will be explained, according to the place of issue, at the time of the contract